Why We're So Glad You're Here

Melody: Let’s just come out and say it. Moving sucks.

In surveys, people rank relocation as more stressful than getting divorced, starting a new job, or planning a wedding (three super-fun life events!), so whatever anxiety, loneliness, doubt, disorientation, emotional overload, and “why the heck did I do this?” you’re feeling, it’s normal. Go ahead and eat all the comfort food macaroni, or do the ugly cry filling out your change of address forms. It’s cool. We’ve been there too.

Here’s the good news: It will get better.

You probably know that already; most of us move about 12 times in our lives, so this probably isn’t your first rodeo. But sometimes you need someone to hold your hand and walk to the better place with you.

That's our goal with this course. The point of Relocation Recovery is to help you through some simple steps that will make your relocation more joyful and less painful. To help you set up routines, find a few friends, appreciate the goodness in your new surroundings, and so much more. 

Marni: We created Relocation Recovery because we believe strongly that by intentionally working through your emotions and challenges, and proactively taking steps to feel attached and connected to where you live, you will create a much less stressful and more joyful relocation.

Both Melody and I have moved multiple times around the United States. We understand what you’re going through: the stress and anxiety for yourself and your family, mixed with anticipation of the unknown, plus exhaustion.

When the two of us realized that we share this crazy passion for place and a belief that relocation can and should be a whole lot easier, we also agreed that there weren’t many resources out there for people who have moved. So we collaborated to create this course.

Melody: Since the post-move period is so chaotic and busy, we kept Relocation Recovery simple. There are only five sections you can work through at your own pace: 

  1. Embracing emotions and connecting mindfully
  2. Doing what you love here
  3. Unpacking your life
  4. Building your village
  5. Putting down roots

Nothing gets better unless you actually take action, so in each section we’ll explain a bit of the why, give you a few ideas for specific small actions you can take, then end with a challenge. Even if you don’t do anything else, do the challenge, okay?

Marni: Here’s what we hope you’ll experience and do during with this course:

  • Feel encouraged and supported as you acclimate to your new place
  • Gain the tools to process your negative emotions (grief, stress, fear) and create new positive ones (joy, calm, a sense of thriving)   
  • Tackle relocation-related challenges, like creating a comforting home base and helping your family get acclimated
  • Challenge yourself to make friends and put down roots
  • Be inspired to make small behavior changes that will help you connect more easily to your place
  • Start viewing your relocation as a new happy adventure

We promise you that taking this course is a proactive way to feel more settled, more in control, and more content in your new community. 

Melody: Marni and I both know from experience the ordeal that the first 6 months to a year (or two … or three) after a move can be. It can and will get better! And we believe it’ll get better faster with this course. We’re happy you’re here.